*Hiatus: @@@
@@never coming back sorry

hey kyla here (immortalbodies/cannibaldesign) and i'm sorry for doing this but no one seems to be interested in me or this blog or what i do. for those people that do i'm sorry again but i must go. this part of me feels so restricted and i need to jump to a place where i can feel more free than i feel right now. the same thing that i left hermoany for followed me over here and i need to drop that off completely. my queue is going to still run for those following me and when it's done you will no longer see me on your dash again. if you want my new blog you must message me to get this new blog. i love y'all but i must depart here now. you can still find my themes at immortalthemes. but i will not be releasing the rest of them. sorry but that's how the cookie crumbles. peace!